Biodiversity at Ferme Saint-Pierre, Belgium

Natural Orchards Project

Belgium has more than 500 species of apples with exceptional qualities, many of them unfortunately no longer cultivated as the industry focused on sweet-only ‘table’ varieties. These lacks essential organoleptic proprieties and are prone to sicknesses and insect attacks therefore requiring massive use of undesired chemicals. Given the nature of our project, we asked ourselves about the need to plant orchards with local, better balanced varieties suitable for our premium quality quest. We came across the Diversifruit project launched by the Walloon region, precisely looking to increase the biodiversity with naturally immune varieties. We have started the plantation of about 9 varieties in November 2021. Very excited about the first blossom this Spring 2022!

The Dragon Orchards Project is part of the ‘Diversifruit‘ initiative of the Walloon Region

Promoting local sourcing & production​

Local resources where possible

We promote local production and local sourcing of apples to limit unnecessary transport, to enrich the social interactions & use of local resources and ultimately to limit our carbon-footprint. The same principle applies to our collaborations, for example when we co-create with other cider producers or develop local production when reaching new countries. In this case we bring our expertise locally and create the conditions for a sustainable multi-local production model.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for local production & sourcing

Waste & Energy Management​

Circular Economy

We seek to minimize our waste and find solution to optimize our energy consumption. We understand this as a journey of continuous improvement. The apple pulp from the pressing stage is used to feed animals in local farms. We have plans to equip the Ferme St Pierre as well as the fermentation plant with renewable sources of energy, looking at energy storage solutions: we are currently assessing NiMH battery pack from, a company we have visited in Sweden. No solution is straightforward and we choose to go at pace, bringing only meaningfull solution delivering real impact.

Dragon Cider is committed to the sustainability challenge

Dragon Cider for Biodiversity

Protecting Bees

Worldwide biodiversity is at major risk, in the vegetal or animal reign. We are making cider. We need bees to pollinate the apple trees. Everyone needs them. Bees are threatened from pollution, from pesticides and chemicals used in our intensive agricultural practices and from the Varroosis a very typical bee infection caused a little insect, the Varroa Destructor.

Dragon Cider directly promotes the Beldragon Biodiversity Initiative which aims to promote the research to develop natural resistance in bees and hives. Feel free to visit the Beldragon web site for more information –


We are acting on the Sustainability Challenge