Discover the extraordinary rich world of natural ciders

Natural, Subtle & Smooth

Our Mission is to make you discover the extraordinary rich world of natural ciders. Thanks to the savoir-faire of Belgian Masters we have unearthed exceptional & subtle tastes.


Cider at the tap in the South Downs​

Our Story

Back in 2012, in the English South Downs, we discovered cider at the tap. It was a revelation for us.

After a few years playing with the idea of cider-making, we finally embarked on this adventure. We dove in the incredibly rich world of ciders. We learned about its complexity, its qualities, its infinite varieties where subtle apple blends, terroirs and climate suddenly assemble for a divine experience.

Cider is low on alcohol, low on calories, gluten free, suitable for vegan & strong anti-oxidant (tannins!).

Cider definitely needs to find its way back into our habits.

So good it’s a sin not to try it​

Premium Natural Ciders

Making Sinfully Good Ciders is an art starting with getting the right blend of apples. We have sought to mix traditional apple varieties with bitter ones for a richer experience. Bitter varieties bring the tannins, much like those we find in wines. Traditional apples are pressed ‘on-demand’ and bitter ones are concentrated to preserve their qualities for year-round brewing. We are engaged in R&D with the Walloon region to trace forgotten varieties, as part of our mission to re-discover the richness of cider-making. Check our Orchard initiative.

No artificial colorant and/or flavoring of any kind is used, only natural ingredients and careful apple selection make up for our distinguished taste. 

Quality cider-making: a journey to re-discover the richness.

United in quality​

Brewed* by Belgian Masters

Cider is this magic wonder offered by nature, transforming apples into an exquisite, rich and subtle drink, through the mysterious process of fermentation. At Dragon, we work closely with the best of Belgian Cider Masters, developing a one of a kind knowledge to re-discover the art of making SINFULLY GOOD CIDERS.

(*) Strictly speaking, cider is fermented, being a cold fermented beverage, much the same way wine is made. The action of brewing supposes heating the ingredients with water, the way beer is done. However, we like using the brewing terminology, so Belgian anyway!

Quality cider-making: a journey to re-discover the savoir-faire.