Origin of Cider

  • 55 B.C.

Cider is known in the British isles as well as throughout the Roman Empire. From then on cider is widely enjoyed throughout Europe.

55 B.C.
9th Century


  • 9th Century

The Normans bring the world « cider » to the English language.

Going to America

  • 17th Century

The first American colonists brought cider with them to the America’s. New England was perfect orchard territory. Georges Washington drank at least one pint of Cider a day.

17th Century
Beginning of 20th century


  • Beginning of 20th century

Cider is the second most popular drink in France, after wine. It is widely drunk throughout Europe and extremely widespread in the US, known as hard cider.


  • Later in the century

However, it started losing popularity. The prohibition in the US wiped out orchards. Germans imported lager technique imposed beer everywhere in the society.

Later in the century
21st century

Revenge of cider

  • 21st century

In the last decade cider has been growing steadily more popular. People start re-discovering this amazing and subtle drink.

Dragon Cider

  • 2012

Dragon Cider was born in 2012, the year of the Dragon, but not yet brought to market.


Sinfully Good Ciders !

  • 2020

We are ready with our Mission is to re-discover the extraordinary rich world of ciders and bring it to the new millennium. Thanks to the savoir-faire of Belgian Masters we have unearthed exceptional & subtle tastes.